Global Fractures in Technology Policy

Tags: Artificial Intelligence / Tech Policy / Technology Policy / Telecom & Platforms

2024 Flagship Conference

The goal of the conference is to discuss the role of technology policy in an evolving landscape where global cooperation faces increasing challenges. In a world that is becoming less globalized – and often more contentious – our Conference will explore the heightened role of the U.S. federal government in shaping communication and computing infrastructure through industrial policy measures. We will also examine the complex issues arising from varied international and state regulatory approaches, particularly in the context of rapid advancements in generative artificial intelligence, data privacy concerns, and increased scrutiny of the competitive conduct of established technology companies. Finally, as trustworthy intermediaries wane and sources of misinformation ascend, we will seek to identify potential solutions that would heighten the degree of trust and reliability in news, data, reports, and information sources.

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