Mission, Vision, and Operational Principles

Silicon Flatirons’ mission, vision, and operational values reflect our commitment to our community, and to building diverse, multi-stakeholder dialogue across issues.

Our Mission 

Silicon Flatirons’ mission is to elevate the debate surrounding technology policy issues; support and enable entrepreneurship in the technology community; and inspire, prepare, and place students in these important areas. 


To catalyze the creation and development of better, more innovative, and more inclusive law, policy, and entrepreneurship in the digital age. 

Operational Principles

  • We believe in the importance of community and bringing people together from all backgrounds and areas of expertise, with an emphasis on promoting intellectually honest, respectful, and meaningful engagement that is approached with integrity and is accessible for all. 
  •  We prioritize experimentation, innovation, and entrepreneurial problem solving across all sectors and with consideration for the global impact of technologies, laws, and corporate practices.  
  •  We are committed to student success and to building a diverse, principled, and multifaceted next generation of professionals and entrepreneurs. 
  •  We embrace environmentally friendly and sustainable practices, including practices that take advantage of technological tools when possible. 

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