Artificial Intelligence Initiative


Artificial Intelligence (AI) involves the automation of activities that are generally thought to require intelligence. AI has already begun to impact sectors as diverse as law, medicine, finance, and transportation.

The Silicon Flatirons Artificial Intelligence Initiative aims to enhance the discussion of AI policy through conferences, roundtables, and reports. More broadly, the AI Initiative examines the impact of AI on law, the legal system, and society by bringing together thought-leaders from academia, government, business, and non-profits, to engage in rigorous, evidence-based and thoughtful discussions of artificial intelligence public policy.


Harry Surden is an Associate Professor of Law at the University of Colorado Law School and Director of The Silicon Flatirons AI Initiative. His scholarship focuses upon legal informatics, artificial intelligence and law (including machine learning and law), legal automation, and issues concerning self-driving/autonomous vehicles. He also studies intellectual property law with a substantive focus on patents and copyright, and information privacy law.


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