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Want in on the future of technology policy and innovation? We develop the professionals ready to lead what’s next. Get involved.


You’re What’s Next

Involvement in Silicon Flatirons strengthens your student experience. Our objective is to help prepare you for your future through experiential training and unique opportunities and serve as a bridge to information, experience and guidance, and employment.

Think of Silicon Flatirons as an event center and career development center combined (plus a think-and-do-tank). We put on exceptional conferences and events that expose you to new topics, get you thinking differently about old ones, and provide a chance to network with government and industry leaders. We also run internship programs that can’t be missed if you want a career in technology or startups (or just want to add to your knowledge base). On top of that, we host student competitions and special events like roundtables and collaborate with others on campus to boost your knowledge and prepare you for post-graduation employment.


Jump In

We hear two common refrains from students: “I wish I had gotten involved with Silicon Flatirons sooner” and “Attending my first Silicon Flatirons event was all it took.” We get it. Some of our subject matter—and the caliber of experts we engage—can be intimidating. But we can assure you there’s a spot for each of you. No technology background is needed and the sooner you engage, the more you get out of your involvement!

Easy first steps to get involved and learn more about Silicon Flatirons:


Volunteer Opportunities

Get hands-on experience, learn about Silicon Flatirons focus areas, and meet people you otherwise might not get to. Through volunteering at events you get a backstage pass and uncommon experiences. It’s easy to do and flexible to work with your busy schedule. Sign up to receive the volunteer emails and you commit to help out at specific events when you know your schedule permits. Contact Sara Schnittgrund to volunteer at one of our upcoming events.

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Summer Internship Opportunities

We want you to succeed. That’s why we’ve designed special internship programs that give you full immersion into technology policy or government innovation before you graduate. Students accepted into these programs gain a competitive edge with real-world experience.

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Clinics are where law school theory meets practice. You gain valuable, real-world experience handling actual clients and legal matters under a professor’s supervision and guidance. Silicon Flatirons offers two clinical experiences in collaboration with Colorado Law: the Entrepreneurial Law Clinic and the Samuelson-Glushko Technology Law & Policy Clinic.

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Colorado Technology Law Journal

The Colorado Technology Law Journal (CTLJ), formerly the Journal on Telecommunications and High Technology Law (JTHTL), is a student-operated and edited telecommunications and technology law journal sponsored by Silicon Flatirons and Colorado Law. Since its founding in 2001, the journal has established a position among the elite national technology and telecommunications law journals.

As part of Silicon Flatirons’ annual technology policy conference, submissions by our speakers are published in the winter issue of CTLJ.

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Experiential learning solidifies often abstract scholastic concepts into well-understood, concrete examples and outcomes. Silicon Flatirons supports and promotes several competitions that strengthen your graduate school (including law, engineering, computer science, and business) education.

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Startup Summer

Startup Summer helps you maximize your summer intern experience. The program brings together students from Colorado Front Range startups and emerging companies and guides you through the startup ideation and creation process, supporting you as you build your own venture with a team and compete in an end-of-summer pitch contest for cash prizes.

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Law Courses

Silicon Flatirons has identified courses that teach the principles needed for careers in our focus areas, including telecommunications policy, content and intellectual property, and privacy and cybersecurity, along with venture capital and other business transactions.

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Silicon Flatirons encourages you to apply for scholarships to help fund your law school education. These scholarships give special consideration to students who are involved in entrepreneurship or telecommunications.

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Silicon Flatirons Student Group

The Silicon Flatirons Student Group is a student-run group that compliments the Center’s work with shared interests in technology, entrepreneurship, intellectual property, and telecommunications. The Student Group hosts valuable Primer Lunches that provide an introduction to the Center’s conference material and opportunities to meet conference speakers before the event. Silicon Flatirons encourages students to learn more and participate in this peer group.

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