Student Profile: Greg Garcia

Greg Garcia, JD 2016

During law school Greg participated in the Tech Lawyer Accelerator (TLA) and the Colorado Technology Law Journal as well as volunteered with Silicon Flatirons. He is now an attorney with Kendall, Koenig and Oelsner, where he interned through the TLA program.

How has Silicon Flatirons influenced your career path?

I had no idea what I wanted to do with my JD when I came to Colorado Law. Getting involved with Silicon Flatirons early on in my 1L year helped me gain an understanding of the landscape of the business community in Colorado, and is where I fell in love with technology law. I would have never even considered such a specialty before my involvement with Silicon Flatirons.

Any “aha moment” you received through your involvement with Silicon Flatirons?

I think the biggest “aha moment” for me was at the first conference I ever attended, Brews and Geeks, about the similarities between the entrepreneurial tech and beer cultures in Boulder. At this event, I got to see just how small the community in the Front Range is, and how much fun entrepreneurs from different industries were having in their jobs. I knew then that I wanted to go into entrepreneurial tech law.

How has Silicon Flatirons helped you prepare for your career?

In addition to the great training I got through the TLA, Silicon Flatirons has helped me make amazing contacts throughout the front range and broader tech law communities that will have already helped me achieve my career goals.

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