Spectrum Policy Initiative

Silicon Flatirons encourages thoughtful policy analysis to advance the way the wireless spectrum is managed for greatest value.

A centerpiece of our work in technology policy, spectrum policy dictates how, where, and when wireless services can be delivered to devices—technology that has become essential in today’s society. Spectrum policy has deep ramifications for the economy, scientific development, national security, personal enjoyment, and much more.

This Silicon Flatirons initiative aims to inform and influence the national policy discourse about wireless products and services. We have a particular interest in ways to prevent and resolve conflicts that impede the full realization of the value of wireless.

The Co-directors of this initiative, Dale Hatfield and Pierre de Vries, are vanguards within spectrum policy. In addition to the thought leadership they provide for Silicon Flatirons, they both believe that public service is a way anyone can contribute to good spectrum governance. Dale serves as a member of the FCC’s Technology Advisory Counsel (TAC), which he helped found, and the Commerce Spectrum Management Advisory Committee (CSMAC). Phil Weiser, Founder and Executive Fellow of Silicon Flatirons, has devoted much of his career to telecommunications and spectrum policy. Pierre has served on various committees, including TAC where he started its work on harm claim thresholds and risk-informed interference assessment. All told, their profound aptitude helps propel the national agenda on policy matters related to wireless services.

An important component of this initiative is helping law and engineering students understand spectrum policy and engage in academic and public policy pursuits related to it. Career opportunities abound for those interested, and Silicon Flatirons offers exclusive opportunities for students to intern in government or public interest positions through our DC Summer and Hatfield Scholars Programs.

Policymakers, regulators, legal professionals, and others interested in policy turn to Silicon Flatirons for intellectually honest and thought-provoking discussions. We convene leaders in an annual conference and roundtable, publish papers and other reports, testify to congressional committees, and author petitions for rulemaking, to elevate the debate surrounding spectrum policy.

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