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Rapidly changing developments in technology spark both challenges and opportunities. We believe that policy is enhanced through honest debate. Accordingly, Silicon Flatirons is a meeting point for policymakers, legal and business professionals, academics, students, and entrepreneurs to discuss these developments and how they affect policy and regulations while providing recommendations for advancement.

Silicon Flatirons elevates the debate on technology policy through conferences, roundtables, reports, and other activities driven by our thought leaders. Our annual conference series focuses on telecommunications, spectrum, privacy, and content, as well as expands to include topics such as innovation in healthcare and energy.


Telecom & Platforms Initiative

Silicon Flatirons fosters conversations and thought leadership surrounding the future of telecommunications and internet regulation. Our annual technology policy conference is a mainstay in the national discourse on the topic. The concept of net neutrality, or the equal treatment of internet traffic, was first introduced at a Silicon Flatirons conference and has since been the focus of a number of conversations on the topic and published supporting work.

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Spectrum Policy Initiative

A centerpiece of our work in technology policy, spectrum policy dictates how, where, and when wireless services can be delivered to devices—technology that has become essential in today’s society. Spectrum policy has deep ramifications for the economy, scientific development, national security, personal enjoyment, and much more.

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Intellectual Property Initiative

The influence of technology on innovation and public policy is fully evident when it comes to intellectual property. Silicon Flatirons fosters intellectually honest conversations surrounding the ever-evolving IP landscape to make meaningful contributions to the conversation about how technology and law should work together.

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Privacy Initiative

Information privacy has emerged as one of the most vital, contested, and important areas of debate in technology law and policy. Silicon Flatirons regularly hosts events focused on information privacy and cybersecurity and trains students to become the next generation of lawyers, advisors, and policymakers in the field.

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Artificial Intelligence

The Silicon Flatirons Artificial Intelligence Initiative aims to enhance the discussion of AI policy through conferences, roundtables, and reports. More broadly, the AI Initiative examines the impact of AI on law, the legal system, and society by bringing together thought-leaders from academia, government, business, and non-profits, to engage in rigorous, evidence-based and thoughtful discussions of artificial intelligence public policy.

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