Startup Variety Show

Tags: Entrepreneurship

The past two years disrupted our community’s rhythms of in-person interactions. The Startup Variety Show convenes multiple dimensions of the startup community by showcasing companies, highlighting ideas, and reinitiating in-person interactions across campus and within the emerging company community.

The Variety Show will feature:

  • Startups
  • An intriguing, and potentially disruptive, research idea from CU
  • An ongoing project at a large incumbent company in the Front Range
  • An investor’s corner, featuring a fund and/or an active investor
  • Potpourri (tech and the arts, legal or policy issues, or other community items of interest)
  • Audience Q&A

Overall, the Startup Variety Show will stitch together different components of the Boulder/Front Range startup community and CU startup scene. The event will highlight stimulating new ideas and mobilize community resources to support teams pursuing new ideas, while increasing accessibility for newcomers to the startup and technology community. 

Interested in presenting about your company at the Silicon Flatirons Startup Variety Show? Please submit this survey so we can learn more and see if you might be a good fit.


10/11/22 5:00pm - 5:45pm
Networking Reception

@ Wolf Law Bldg, Boettcher Hall

Light Dinner and Refreshments Provided.
10/11/22 5:45pm - 5:55pm
Welcome & Intro

@ Wittemyer Courtroom | Zoom Webinar

  • Brad Bernthal
    Associate Professor, University of Colorado Law School
10/11/22 5:55pm - 7:15pm
Presentations, Audience Q&A

@ Wittemyer Courtroom | Zoom Webinar

  • Sally Hatcher — Presenter
    Managing Partner, Buff Gold Ventures
  • Max Perez — Presenter
    Vice President, Research and Security Solutions, ColdQuanta
  • John Ruder — Presenter
    CEO & Cofounder, Known Privacy, PBC
  • Katie Stanton — Presenter
    Founder, Moxxie Ventures
  • Chris Vargas — Presenter
    Private Investor, Emerging Cities LLC

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