Sally Hatcher

Buff Gold Ventures — Managing Partner
Venture Partners at CU Boulder — Former Senior Director of Venture Development

Sally Hatcher, J.D. is a serial entrepreneur, advisor, startup accelerator faculty member, impact investor, and board member. She co-founded and was President of two companies, including Precision Photonics, a laser & opto-electronics design and manufacturing company. Starting in the garage, the company shipped high-volume products to China and grew to a 50+ person, highly profitable venture before a successful acquisition. Her second company, now LightDeck Diagnostics, focuses on novel point-of-care medical and animal diagnostics, using laser-based waveguide systems to detect up to 80 biomarkers at once.  Sally is a national I-Corps instructor with the NSF and DOE and stood up the venture development (startup) programs for technical entrepreneurship for Venture Partners at CU Boulder.  She is currently a Managing Partner at Buff Gold Ventures.

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