Entrepreneurs Unplugged: Doug Campbell, Solid Power

Entrepreneurs Unplugged convenes startup community members along with CU faculty, staff and students for great entrepreneurial stories. Each Unplugged session features an experienced entrepreneur discussing their startup experiences. Unplugged discussions highlight how successful startups are created – as well as pitfalls – through an engaging interview format.

Silicon Flatirons and Venture Partners at CU Boulder are proud to present an Entrepreneurs Unplugged event with featured entrepreneur, Doug Campbell.

Doug Campbell is Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Louisville-based Solid Power. Mr. Campbell is a veteran entrepreneur who has founded multiple successful companies.

Solid Power’s story has special ties to CU Boulder. Solid Power’s core technologies, all-solid-state EV batteries and a proprietary sulfide-based electrolyte expand upon breakthroughs made in CU’s labs. In its early days, Solid Power earned investments from prominent companies including Hyundai, Volta Energy Technologies, Umicore, Sanoh, A123 Systems, and Solvay. Today, Solid Power has extensive partnerships with BMW, Ford, and SK Innovation.

Solid Power went public on December 8, 2021. This year, the company is focused on producing full-scale all-solid-state EV cell prototypes to kick off formal automotive qualification testing.

This hybrid event will accommodate remote participation LIVE via Zoom Webinar in addition to in-person attendance. The speakers will be hosted in-person, and attendees will have the option to gather at the Wolf Law building, home of Silicon Flatirons at University of Colorado Law School, to partake of the presentations and participate in networking – subject to COVID-19 restrictions.

A light dinner will be available starting at 5:00 p.m. (MST).


02/21/22 5:30pm - 5:40pm
Welcome & Introduction
  • Brynmor Rees
    Associate Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation and Managing Director, Venture Partners at CU Boulder
02/21/22 5:40pm - 6:30pm
1:1 Discussion
  • Brad Bernthal — Moderator
    Associate Professor, University of Colorado Law School
  • Sally Hatcher — Moderator
    Managing Partner, Buff Gold Ventures
  • Doug Campbell
    Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Solid Power
02/21/22 6:30pm - 7:10pm
Audience Q&A

02/21/22 7:10pm - 7:15pm

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