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  1. Parking on CU Boulder Campus

    General Policy Registered attendees of Silicon Flatirons events taking place on the CU Boulder campus who wish to park a motor vehicle in a…

  2. More About the Spectrum Policy Initiative

    Inception Our spectrum policy publications started in 2005 at the latest, with Weiser & Hatfield’s “Policing the Spectrum Commons” in the…


  1. Radio Regulation Summit:  Defining Inter‐channel Operating Rules

    On September 8 and 9, 2009 the Silicon Flatirons Center convened a closed‐door meeting of legal, economic, technical and regulatory experts in…

  2. Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing in the Health Care and Energy Sectors: Perception and Reality of Risk Management

    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Cloud computing promises to enable new frontiers…

  3. The Private Equity Boom

    Despite private equity’s record growth, signs of a slow down are surfacing. In this Roundtable, participants highlighted some of the current and systemic issues facing the private equity industry.

  4. Encouraging Social Impact Through Private and Public Sector Leadership

    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. The social impact space is changing and growing…


  1. Deregulation Revisited: A Tribute to Fred Kahn

    To say that Fred Kahn is the archetype and inspiration for the deregulatory policies that have transformed a series of network industries over the last thirty years is no exaggeration. In this conference, we will bring together a group of policymakers, former policymakers, academics, and industry leaders from across the last several decades to evaluate the legacy of deregulation, with particular attention to and appreciation for Fred Kahn’s leadership and teachings in the area.

  2. Crash Course: Navigating the Hiring Process

    Hiring is one of the most important things you’ll ever do. And yet most people get it wrong. Tom Fischaber of Woot Math will help you get it right.…

  3. Evaluating Software Patents

    Over the last several years, the Supreme Court and the Federal Circuit have taken a number of steps suggesting that the law governing software patents is still very much in flux. In this conference, we will evaluate both the premises underlying the call for a fundamental reform–and, indeed, the possible abolishment of–software patents as well as some specific suggestions for changing how patents are granted and how patent litigation operates.

  4. Crash Course: How to Pick a Business Worth Starting. The CU New Venture Challege Kick Off With Paul Berberian and Start up Internships Networking

    The CU New Venture Challenge, now in its second year, is an entrepreneurial launch pad. This year’s CU NVC events kick off with a Crash Course…

  5. Energy Innovation Speaker Series: Dr. Daniel Yergin, Pulitzer Prize Winning Author and Chairman of IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates

    4th Annual Schultz Lecture The University of Colorado Law School, the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute (RASEI), and the Silicon Flatirons…

  6. “Digital Copyright and Innovation Online: A Little Dose of Optimism,” a public lecture by Fred von Lohmann of the Electronic Frontier Foundation:

    In his talk, Fred von Lohmann of the Electronic Frontier Foundation will provide an overview of emerging copyright rules and argue that Congress, the courts, and the marketplace have struck a balance that is proving surprisingly successful in protecting copyright incentives, stimulating innovation, and encouraging private ordering in the marketplace.

  7. Entrepreneurs Unplugged: With Steve Halstedt, Co-Founder of Centennial Ventures

    Networking Reception at 6:00 PM

  8. What I Wish I Knew in Law School

    This event is always well received and is highly recommended for law students – especially 1Ls and 2Ls – interested in learning more about…

  9. The Economics of Privacy

    In Cooperation With TechFreedom and the Federal Communications Bar Association This conference will bring together representatives from the Commerce Department, FTC, Congress, and an interdisciplinary group of leading thinkers to debate the economics of privacy. Keynote speeches, an overview panel, and other panels will focus on some of the most active areas of debate – behavioral advertising, social networks, facial recognition, and location privacy – we will study the promise and the limits of markets, asking questions such as: Should information privacy laws require opt-in or opt-out rules? How well has the FTC’s focus on privacy policies fared? What are best practices for terms of service? What are the pros and cons of a do-not-track system, and should it be backed by law? Do smart phone providers solicit enough meaningful consent to track user location? How do European regulators differ from their American counterparts in their treatment of markets?

  10. March Entrepreneurs Unplugged: With Andrew MacFarlane, Chairman and Chief Product Officer of Buzzwire

    Silicon Flatirons Center presents Andrew MacFarlane, Chairman and Chief Product Officer of Buzzwire as our featured entrepreneur in our Entrepreneurs Unplugged series.

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