Parking on CU Boulder Campus


General Policy

Registered attendees of Silicon Flatirons events taking place on the CU Boulder campus who wish to park a motor vehicle in a permit-controlled CU Boulder parking lot must have a valid campus virtual parking permit.

A permit does not guarantee the availability of a parking space, but rather grants the privilege of parking in a specified area when space is available. Parking without a permit or in a lot for which the permit does not apply runs the risk of receiving tickets, associated fees, or other penalties for which Silicon Flatirons is not responsible.


CU Boulder Parking Services

Questions or concerns regarding campus parking policies and regulations should be directed to CU Parking and Transportation Services. Silicon Flatirons will not pay for or reimburse parking tickets.


Securing Permits with AIMS

As a courtesy, Silicon Flatirons may at times fund and secure a limited number of virtual parking permits for use by registered event attendees via CU Boulder’s AIMS Parking Management System. Permits are available on a first come, first served basis, only for the designated lot, and additional permits will not be available once they have been used. When such permits are made available, attendees will be notified via email in advance of the event and provided with instructions and any associated voucher codes.

Follow these step by step instructions to secure a permit.



In the event any provided Parking Voucher Codes become sold out OR if a parking spot is not available in the designated lot during the times for which the permit is valid, attendees must secure and pay for their own permits.


Campus Map

Attendees should reference the CU Boulder Campus Map to locate options for metered, short-term pay lot options.

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