Student Profile: Sierra Moeller

Sierra Moeller, JD 2016

During law school Sierra participated in the Tech Lawyer Accelerator (TLA) and Entrepreneurial Law Clinic and volunteered with Silicon Flatirons.

Any “aha moment” you received through your involvement with Silicon Flatirons?

It was during the summer following my 1L year that I participated in the TLA. Somewhere in the middle of the program I realized, “the old way is out, law has officially evolved.”

How has Silicon Flatirons helped you prepare for your career (Sierra will be a legal fellow at Techstars)?

Silicon Flatirons plugs students in to some of the region’s most prominent industries and sectors. It is both an effective networking channel, and a forward-thinking resource on the latest legal trends. Through training, research, and cross-collaborative dialogue, Silicon Flatirons empowers students by providing a world-class education for an evolving economy.

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