The Information Revolution Meets Health: The Transformative Power and Implementation Challenges of Health Analytics

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Harnessing millions of data points to gain new insights is the central promise of data analytics. In health analytics, outlines of its potential are only beginning to take shape. The breadth of possibilities spans from supporting evidence-based medicine, maximizing research potential, and improving patient information, to linking data already collected, managing population health, engaging patients as health partners, and introducing valuable efficiencies. Several companies and health systems are already exploiting the power of health information, and more innovation is on the horizon. Nonetheless, obstacles remain to make the crucial leap from a system with a reputation of resisting information technology to a system that masters it to realize better care, improved population health, and reduced costs.

A January 15th 2015 roundtable discussion organized by the Silicon Flatirons Center for Law, Technology and Entrepreneurship explored the potential of health analytics for both health care and population health generally. Capturing the discussion of a diverse group of physicians, lawyers, academics, and entrepreneurs, this paper discusses both the promise of health analytics and the barriers to its effective implementation.

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