International Spectrum Workshop

Tags: Spectrum Policy

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Wireless devices and services are essential to modern society. They enable a host of economic, cultural, and scientific activities, and are crucial not only to commercial services, but also to national defense and homeland security. Because demand for wireless capacity keeps growing in the face of limits on the ability of multiple radio systems to coexist, government plays an inescapable role in creating conditions for spectrum use. At the same time, radio systems are deployed and managed by private and public entities that compete for access to spectrum operating rights, with sometimes blurred boundaries between government and commercial activities.

A guiding premise of the International Spectrum Workshop was to bring together leading experts from different fields and different geographic regions to map the changing landscape in the regulation of radio operation. The areas explored by the workshop participants included allocation, assignment, and management issues of both the licensed and license-exempt approaches. In each of the four sessions, the invited speakers presented their recent work, followed by a group discussion.

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