Raymond Gifford

Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP — Partner
Silicon Flatitrons — Senior Fellow

Raymond Gifford is a partner at Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP where he counsels communications, electric and gas utilities, and information technology companies on state and federal aspects of regulation, administrative law, and competition policy. He is an expert in public utilities law, and the law and economics of regulation of network industries. He represents clients in state and federal courts and agencies, and serves as an expert witness on utility regulation and its history. Mr. Gifford’s law and policy work focuses on the convergence of broadband communications and energy, as well as competition and environmental policy as it applies to communications and electricity markets. Mr. Gifford served as President of The Progress & Freedom Foundation, a non-profit think-tank that studies the digital revolution as it relates to regulation of network industries. Before that, he served as Chairman of the Colorado Public Utilities Commission. Mr. Gifford began his regulatory career as First Assistant Attorney General for Regulatory Law in the Colorado Attorney General’s office. He clerked for the Honorable Richard P. Matsch of the United States District Court for the District of Colorado. Mr. Gifford has authored a number of articles on communications law, public utility regulation and competition policy in network industries.

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