Newton Campbell

Australian Remote Operations for Space and Earth (AROSE) — Director, Space Programs
Atlantic Council Digital Forensics Research Lab (DFRLab) — Nonresident Fellow

Dr. Newton Campbell is a preeminent figure in the intersection of computer science, artificial intelligence (AI), and space exploration. He currently spearheads initiatives as the Director of Space Programs at the Australian Remote Operations for Space and Earth (AROSE) Consortium, focusing on pioneering advancements in space technology and operations. This role capitalizes on his extensive background in AI, leveraging his expertise to enhance space exploration efforts and remote operations technologies.

Prior to his current role, Dr. Campbell made significant contributions as an AI subject matter expert between NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and Langley Research Center through the OCIO Data Science Team. There, he led ambitious projects in urban air mobility, geomagnetism, space radiation, virtual reality, and high-performance computing for computational physics. His career before NASA was equally distinguished, with a decade spent in research and development for the U.S. Department of Defense and Intelligence Communities, primarily DARPA. During this time, he was the principal investigator and technical lead for multiple projects in cybersecurity, computational physics, and AI, focusing on areas such as Internet Privacy and Cyber-Physical Systems Security.

Dr. Campbell’s academic achievements include a PhD in Computer Science from Nova Southeastern University, which laid the foundation for his illustrious career. Beyond his professional and academic accomplishments, Dr. Campbell is deeply committed to STEM outreach, previously coordinating with schools and media groups in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area (and now, in Australia) to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.

He is an active member of several prestigious organizations, including the Planetary Society, the Cosmos Club of Washington DC, and IEEE. His advisory roles extend to being a member of the Silicon Flatirons at the University of Colorado Boulder Law School, a Technology Fellow at American University Washington College of Law, and a non-resident fellow at the Atlantic Council, where he specializes in space, climate change, and ethical AI issues. Dr. Campbell’s leadership and expertise are also recognized in several leadership networks, including the Schusterman Foundation REALITY network, the French-American Foundation, and the Australian-American Leadership Dialogue, where he represents US technology leaders in the Space, Climate, and AI sectors.

Dr. Campbell’s career is a testament to his versatile expertise and his commitment to leveraging technology for societal benefit, especially in the domains of space exploration and artificial intelligence. His work not only advances the frontiers of science and technology but also fosters global collaboration and innovation in tackling some of the most challenging problems facing the world today.

For more detailed information about Dr. Campbell’s work and contributions, resources provided by American University Washington College of Law, Atlantic Council (Digital Forensics Research Lab), OECD, and Google Scholar are excellent references.

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