Nate Mariotti

Silicon Flatirons — Managing Director

Nate oversees day-to-day policies, procedures, and operations to execute Silicon Flatirons’ vision and mission. He directs the center’s overall administrative and operational functions, designing and implementing changes necessary to accomplish short and long-term objectives and goals while adhering to best practices.

His primary foci include striving to maintain a stable business infrastructure and creating efficiencies across all operating activities so manageable and sustainable growth translate into positive experiences and relationships for the Silicon Flatirons community at large. He also carries authority and responsibility for fiscal transactions and monitors and manages the center’s gift funds, auxiliary funds, and endowments.

Before joining Silicon Flatirons, Nate spent two years leveraging business intelligence solutions to design and develop robust solutions for small businesses. Prior to that he spent nearly a decade running day-to-day operations for an international continuing education organization for mental health professionals. He is a proud fourth generation Boulder County native; graduate of The University of Colorado Denver; husband; and father to sons Enzo and Leo.

Nate is invigorated by the drive and dedication exhibited by the students at University of Colorado Law School and CU at large, and the diverse Silicon Flatirons community that supports them in kind. He is honored to serve at the nexus of these groups and carry on the principles that the center was founded on.

Personal pronouns: He, him, his.

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