Mariam Sorond

CableLabs — Senior Vice President and Chief Research and Development Officer

Mariam Sorond is senior vice president and chief research and development officer at CableLabs, In this role, she leads research & development (R&D) directing the execution and adoption of new technologies for CableLabs’ members and the industry, partnering closely with CEO, Phil McKinney, on technical thought leadership, vision and strategy for the future of connectivity.

An expert in mobile wireless, fixed, and satellite networks, Mariam previously held the position of chief wireless architect and vice president of technology development for DISH Network and led the team focused on the 5G network. She was also responsible for spectrum technology and strategy, end-to-end technology development, creating the next generation network architecture and standards development. Mariam brings more than 24 years of technical and strategy experience in the telecommunications industry to CableLabs and has also held leadership positions both within start-ups and Fortune 500 enterprises, responsible for developing the technology vision, deploying networks, analyzing trends, guiding business investments and participating in regulatory and standardization processes. Prior to joining DISH, she worked for vendors such as Lucent Technologies (now Nokia), and several operators, including ICO, Nextel, and PrimeCo, where she began her career as an RF Engineer.

Mariam has served as a member of the NTIA’s Commerce Spectrum Management Advisory Committee since 2014. She has been awarded several patents, with others pending and is a frequent speaker and panelist at industry forums.

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