Startup Summer 2021



The 2021 program spanned June to August and involved students from across the nation in a virtual setting. Over 20 guest speakers from across the Front Range (and one from Boston) contributed their time and expertise to advise participants on how to build a company. Over the summer, six companies were formed within the Startup Summer cohort. Teams were guided through the startup ideation and creation process and competed for a total of $15,000 in prizes.

“I value everything that I had in this program. The people, the connections, the support, the seminars, the speakers themselves, the competition, the team, everything was here. Startup Summer really made me feel like this is more possible than I could ever imagine. Starting a business that is. Thank you so much for everything!” Ben Breuch (2021)

“It was a wonderful experience. I am forever thankful for the opportunity to participate in the program and the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing people.” Sydney Kasperski (2021)

“I’d say the largest value I’ve gotten out of startup summer is the much wider network I now have! I was blown away by the amount and quality of opportunities there were! From professionals to fellow participants, this program is full of people from many groups and cliques I would never have met on my own as an engineering student.” Cynthia Lim (2021)

Startup Summer 2021 students interned at multiple companies and organizations, including: ColdQuanta, Colorado Governor Jared Polis’ Office, Company6, Intel, Sage Education, SAP, Timber Ridge, The Pro’s Closet, and Zayo. 21 students participated from schools across the nation, including Boston College, Harvard, Notre Dame, MSU Denver, University of Alabama, University of Colorado, University of Michigan, University of Texas, and St. Mary’s College.

Due to the pandemic, the program was hosted virtually, which had the added benefit of allowing students . Students who started the program without internships benefited from resources such as networking, resume and cover letter writing, and interviewing assistance. As a result, 85% of the 2021 cohort secured internships by the end of the summer.

A very special thank you to our weekly speakers and mentors, supporters, community members, and of course, our generous sponsors; Anchor Point Foundation, The Caruso Foundation, Fletcher Richman, and Halp, for making this year’s program possible.


Team Awards


Aasha: Creating a supportive forum for women with reproductive health issues.

Beneath the Balance Sheet: Helping to reduce every company’s carbon footprint.

Volunshare: A donation facilitation platform that provides a pipeline for increased engagement between charities and a network of their closest supporters.


BuildingBlocks: Working with companies to identify important infrastructure projects

Hobby Seeker: Helping people to find new hobbies and test their interests.

TED: Helping teachers to know when their students and classes need support.


Pitch Night Video

Watch the Pitch Night Video here.






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