Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network Colorado

The Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network Colorado (BEN) identifies promising Colorado companies and provides meaningful connections to help those companies scale. BEN was initially funded by a $3 million gift from the Blackstone Charitable Foundation, which selected Silicon Flatirons to steward the grant. In February 2020, Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network Colorado established as an independent not-for-profit organization.

Colorado is known for its entrepreneurial acumen and innovative spirit. There are myriad examples of successful companies starting—and thriving—in the Centennial state. BEN serves as a network of resources and support for companies who’ve risen above the traditional startup stage and are ready and able to scale-up.

BEN adds value to these member companies through their entire growth process by increasing visibility, providing expertise, and curating a collaborative group of experienced business experts who are ready to give back and share what they have learned along the way so that the next generation of companies can go big in Colorado.

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