The End of Politics as We Knew It?

Tags: Technology Policy

Examining the Internet and Its Impact on Political Participation

The 2004 Presidential election marked the Internet’s arrival as a serious force in political campaigns. The future promises even more dramatic uses of information technology. To date, the World Wide Web, email, and bloggers have already revolutionized journalism. Going forward, new technologies, such as video on demand, interactive television and online gaming, will change our political system in ways we can barely fathom. To consider the implications of these changes, we are bringing together an outstanding group of political and media observers and participants. In particular, we will evaluate how these technologies are creating opportunities to engage citizens as well as how they are challenging and transforming the traditional media.


Welcome and Overview
The Traditional Media and Its Response to Technological Change
  • Dan Gillmor
    Blogger Extraordinaire, Grassroots Media Inc.
  • Rolland Johnson
    CEO, Three Eagles Communications
  • James Morgese
    General Manager, Rocky Mountain PBS
  • Joe Waz
The Internet and Political Participation
  • Melissa Boasberg
    Former Deputy Director of Internet Operations, Kerry/Edwards '04
  • Jim Carpenter
    Director of Colorado Office, Former Campaign Manager
  • John Gastil
    Professor of Communication, University of Washington
  • David Skaggs
    Executive Director, Center for Democracy & Citizenship

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