Taming the Internet?

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The Internet continues to be a work in progress, as the applications for it evolve. With the development of new applications, such as file sharing programs and Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), come new pressures for regulation. Similarly, in response to regulatory and commercial pressures – ranging from approaches to addressing spam to increasing security to protecting digital content – the architecture of the Internet is changing.

One fundamental question is to what extent the Internet will move away from its initial “end-to-end” design principle, which resisted moving “intelligence” into the center of the network. Another question is to what extent, and how, regulation can work where identifying only certain applications – say, VOIP and the sharing of copyrighted works – may be no easy task. Finally, to the extent that longstanding policies – say, protecting copyrights, enabling wiretaps, and facilitating access to E-911 – are to be continued, can the old frameworks be easily translated to the Internet or will fundamental approaches need to revised in light of its unique technological characteristics. This conference will address these substantive questions as well as the procedural ones as to what institutions are best situated to address such matters.


Welcome and Overview
Voice Over Internet Protcol (VOIP)
  • Greg Sopkin
    Chairman, Colorado Public Utilities Commission
  • Wane Fonteix
    State Public Affairs Director, AT&T
  • Bill Hunt
    Vice President, Public Policy, Level 3 Communications
  • Nancy Pierce
    President and Managing Director, KELD LLC
File Sharing
  • Scott Peppet
    Professor of Law, University of Colorado
  • Lynn Hendrix
    Partner, Holme Roberts and Owen
  • Bobby Schnabel
    Chief Information Officer, University of Colorado
  • Jane Levine
    Partner, Levine & Purcell
Law and the Architecture of the Internet
  • Julie Cohen
    Professor of Law, Georgetown University
  • David Farber
    Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Douglas Sicker
    Department Head, Engineering and Public Policy Professor, Engineering & Computer Science
  • Stephen Meer
    Co-Founder and Chief Technology Office, Intrado
Keynote Speech

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