Searching for the Third Broadband Pipe

Tags: Technology Policy

Broadband technology promises to transform our economy and society. Due to the rise of Internet-enabled applications, the demand for broadband continues to grow and more consumers rely on broadband than narrowband (i.e., dial-up) Internet access. For policymakers and businesses alike, the question of what “pipes” other than DSL and cable modem connections (which often rely on fiber optic networks after the last mile) will enter this important marketplace is a critical question. As former Chairman Michael Powell put it, “magical things”-including price competition, innovation, and relationships with applications providers-start to happen when three providers battle it out in a market.

The two principal candidates touted by the FCC as third broadband pipes-Broadband over Powerline and wireless spectrum-remain largely works in progress. In terms of Broadband over Powerline, there are still only a few consumer trials now taking place, leaving room for doubt as to whether this technology will ever thrive. As for wireless broadband, there are lots of different promising wireless technologies, ranging from satellite to mobile wireless to fixed wireless connections, but like the case of Broadband over Powerline, very few consumers have yet adopted such technologies. This event will evaluate the likely success and notable challenges for the contenders for the third broadband pipe as well as the business and public policy implications of this search.


Welcome and Overview
Broadband over Powerline
  • Phil Colby
    Vice President of Technology, Liberty Media
  • Dale Hatfield
    Spectrum Policy Initiative Co-director and Distinguished Advisor, Silicon Flatirons
  • Lawrence Reichman
    Partner, Perkins Coie
  • Bryan Tramont
    Managing Partner, Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP
Wireless Broadband
  • Marc Berejka
    Senior Policy Advisor, Office of the Secretary, Department of Commerce
  • Carlos Kirjner
    Partner, McKinsey & Company
  • Jennifer Manner
    Vice President, Mobile Satelite Ventures (MSV)
  • Tom Sugrue
    Vice President, T-Mobile

Public Policy and Business Implications
  • Nolan Daines
    Executive Vice President, Echostar Corp.
  • Don Gips
    Group VP for Corporate Strategy, Level 3 Communications
  • Balan Nair
    President and Chief Executive Officer, Liberty Latin America
  • John Rogovin
    Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Warner Bros. Entertainment

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