SciFi and Entrepreneurship - Is Resistance Futile?

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Slide Presentation: The Fiction to Reality Timeline

Our Silicon Flatirons Center’s 2014 Entrepreneurship Conference, on the afternoon of March 14th, 2014, will analyze the relationship between Sci-Fi and entrepreneurship. Sci-Fi writers and entrepreneurs both innovate to “create the future.” Silicon Flatirons’ Annual Conference, Sci-Fi and Entrepreneurship: Is Resistance Futile, will explore the relationships, similarities and synergies between the two disciplines. The Conference’s discussion will analyze three primary topics. First, speakers will explore what entrepreneurs and innovators have learned from science fiction and what science fiction might suggest about the entrepreneurial opportunities ahead. The Conference will then shift to discussing the potential ethical cautions that science fiction can provide and the role of entrepreneurs and the government in being attentive to these ethical concerns. Finally, the Conference will focus on the process of creation that occurs during entrepreneurial innovation and the construction of science fiction, how the processes are similar or different, and what the two crafts can learn from each other.


Opening and Welcome
  • Brad Bernthal
    Associate Professor, University of Colorado Law School
  • Phil Weiser
    Hatfield Professor of Law, University of Colorado Law School
Fireside Chat
Panel One: Exploring Intersections of Entrepreneurship and Science Fiction

Panel Two: Creating Realities That Do Not Yet Exist
  • Jason Mendelson — Moderator
    Senior Fellow, Entrepreneurship Initiative, Silicon Flatirons
  • Dan Novy — Presenter
    Instructor and PhD Candidate, MIT Media Lab
  • Ari Popper — Commenter
    Chief Executive Officer, SciFutures
  • John Underkoffler — Commenter
    Chief Executive Officer, Oblong
  • David Mandell — Commenter
    Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Pivot Desk
  • Jeff Powers — Commenter
    Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Occipital
Panel Three: Technology and Surveillance - Is Resistance Futile?
  • Paul Ohm — Moderator
    Associate Professor of Law, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Dan Novy
    Instructor and PhD Candidate, MIT Media Lab
  • Marcus Thomas
    Chief Technology Officer, Subsentio
  • Lori Emerson
    Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Colorado

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