Re-Examining Open Source

Tags: Content/IP / Entrepreneurship

We revisit Open Source Software, a topic we last explored two short years ago. Much has changed in that short time, with large institutional and political entities embracing the principles of Open Source to varying levels of commitment and, possibly, with varying levels of sincerity. What once was termed a “movement,” now seems a permanent fixture in the software and business worlds. Despite the rise in Open Source’s profile, businesses and policy makers continue to struggle with whether to adopt Open Source products. What are the attendant risks and potential benefits? In this conference, we will revisit those questions.

In addition to achieving increasing legitimacy, Open Source has had an effect beyond software. Discussions about Open Source Software have been supplanted by a broader discourse about “Community Development,” as innovators try to harness the creative energy of their users or customers–their community–to help them create everything from beverages to medicine and from architecture to journalism. Furthermore, these new business models are dove-tailing with a greater focus on the user/customer/community in content production exemplified by the collection of technologies and business models now dubbed Web 2.0. Does the Community Development model work outside of software development, and should businesses be rushing to embrace it? Is this today’s fad or rather a fundamental new model for the future of innovation and ideas? Join our panelists in a discussion of these issues.


Introduction & Overview
  • Paul Ohm
    Associate Professor of Law, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Adopting Open Source Software: Legal Compliance and Risks
  • Phil Albert
    Partner, Townsend and Townsend and Crew
  • Heather Meeker
    Partner, Greenberg Traurig
  • Kevin Crandell
    Partner, Holland & Hart
Incorporating the Open Source Model and Ideas Into Business
  • Jason Haislmaier
    Partner, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP
  • Sue Kunz
    Founder, Solidware Technologies
  • Stormy Peters
    Executive Director, Gnome Foundation

Silicon Flatirons New Project Launch Announcement
  • Paul Ohm
    Associate Professor of Law, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Evaluating Community Development
  • Laura Kornish
    Associate Professor, University of Colorado Leeds School of Business
  • Jim DeLong
    Senior Fellow, Progress & Freedom Foundation
  • Molly Van Houweling
    Assistant Professor, Boalt Hall

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