Lean Canvas with Zach Nies

Tags: Entrepreneurship

This event is a hands-on interaction with the Lean Canvas, with Techstars’ own Zach Nies as a guide.

The Lean Canvas is a powerful tool that will help you think through how to describe your business by looking at your customers, their problem, and the unique value you and your team provides.  The Lean Canvas focuses on specific aspects of a business to re-frame the challenges the company may face, and often identifies potential opportunities for growth.

Before becoming the VP of Education at Techstars, Zach Nies was Chief Technologist at Rally Software. Zach uses his experience working with both startups and large companies to help companies of all sizes successfully bring new products and services to market.

Participants are encouraged to watch these videos and complete the canvas prior to this event (although it is fine if these exercises have not been completed in advance, too).

This event is open to all interested in a new venture, including the participants of the New Venture Challenge.

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