Invitation Only: Ethics Panel and Alumni & Friends Reception

Join us for an Ethics Panel and Alumni & Friends Reception in celebration of Silicon Flatirons’ student interns, past and present.

Please RSVP by Monday, August 2 by clicking “General Admission” on the right. Detailed event information will be shared prior to the event.

Co-hosted by Polsinelli.

As a matter of public health and safety due to the pandemic, attendees must follow host organizations requirements and public health orders in place to reduce the risk of spreading infectious disease. Current CDC guidance is that individuals should wear a mask in indoor public places if not fully vaccinated, wash hands often, and stay at home if you are showing any signs of sickness.


08/10/21 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Creating a Voice as a Lawyer: Ethics Questions Around Personal Social Media Use

@ Polsinelli, 1401 Lawrence St., Unit 2300, Denver, CO

Social media, blogging and microblogging, podcasting, and other online forums are great ways to connect with the world. In particular, lawyers and policy professionals, as well as law students, may find them useful to establish a public voice as an expert and develop a professional network, to advocate for issues they care strongly about, or meet and connect with new or existing clients. However, engagement on these platforms also comes with a myriad of ethical questions and doing so carries a constant potential of creating damage to your reputation, undermining your professional opportunities, or creating thorny problems for you, your employer, and anyone you are representing. Experts in the field will discuss the pros and cons of deciding to engaging on public internet forums as a legal or policy professional, what to think about before doing so, and how to ensure you are always meeting your ethical responsibilities.

08/10/21 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Alumni & Friends Networking Reception

@ Polsinelli, 1401 Lawrence St., Unit 2300, Denver, CO

Join us for Networking Reception celebrating Silicon Flatirons’ Student Interns, Past & Present.

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