Internet Architecture and Innovation,A Talk with Barbara van Schewick

Tags: Technology Policy

On Thursday, October 14th, from 12pm-1:15pm in the Black Box Theatre at ATLAS, Barbara van Schewick will be giving a talk on her recently released and widely praised book, Internet Architecture and Innovation, which provides a comprehensive diagnosis of the important relationship between the Internet’s architecture and innovation. van Schewick marshals a wide array of disciplines, including management science and behavioral economics, in the service of identifying the features of the Internet that are required to ensure a flourishing environment for innovation.

Professor Marvin Ammori has described the book as “essential reading for anyone interested in Internet policy-and probably for anyone interested in the law, economics, technology, or start-ups.” For those who are tired of or confused by the network neutrality debate, or if you’re simply wondering what is at stake, van Schewick’s talk will be refreshing and illuminating. More information on the book, including an overview and excerpts, is available at

Barbara van Schewick, an Associate Professor of Law at Stanford, is the Director of the Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School. She is also (by courtesy) an associate professor of Electrical Engineering at Stanford’s Department of Electrical Engineering and has a PhD in Computer Science from Technical University Berlin. Her research focuses on the economic, regulatory, and strategic implications of communication networks.

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