International Telecommunications Regulation

Tags: Technology Policy

In 1997, the World Trade Organization agreed on a set of principles for the liberalization of telecommunications across the globe. In theory, all countries would develop regulatory regimes for telecommunications that would spur innovation, competition, and investment. This process involved two complementary steps: a development of a harmonious model for sound regulatory policy across the world and an openness to transnational investment. In practice, the efforts to move towards a global environment remains fraught with difficulties, as some countries struggle to develop sound regulatory frameworks — i.e., ones open to competition — and as others resist foreign investment or impose nettlesome obstacles. This conference will examine these questions, evaluating the success of the liberalization efforts as well as the challenges that lie ahead.


Opening Address
  • Michelle Sie Whitten
    President and CEO, Encore International
Developing Procompetitive Regulatory Systems Across the World
  • Robert Connelly
    Shareholder, Isaacson, Rosenbaum, Woods & Levy
  • Don Gips
    Group VP for Corporate Strategy, Level 3 Communications
  • Jane Levine
    Partner, Levine & Purcell
  • Paul Margie
    Spectrum and International Legal Advisor to Commissioner Michael Copps, Federal Communications Commission
Removing Barriers to Foreign Investment
  • Steve Brett
    Partner, Sherman & Howard
  • Carla Donelson
    Vice President & General Counsel, Verio
  • Graham Hollis
    Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Liberty Media International
  • Geoffrey F. Williams
    Independent Consultant
Keynote Address
  • Fred Vierra
    Chairman & Vice President of Business Development, VeloCom, Inc.

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