Institute for Regulatory Law and Economics Seminar

Tags: Law Innovation / Technology Policy

This seminar is open to all state regulators and commission staff who have an interest in network industries such as telecommunications and energy.

The seminar draws on the expertise of leading academics, practitioners, and scholars and distills the critical law and economics issues that arise in closely-regulated network industries and presents them in a coherent fashion. In particular, it highlights the important tools provided by neoclassical economics, new institutional economics, “code as law,” Schumpeter, and public choice theory. The curriculum also includes a discussion of corporate finance principles, risk valuation, new and emerging energy markets, and the cybersecurity threat as applied to regulation.

IMPORTANT: Because we believe a small group facilitates the best learning environment, registration will be capped at 20 participants. To ensure you are able to attend, register as early as possible, but no later than February 20, 2013.

The IRLE is an educational and outreach program of the University of Colorado Silicon Flatirons Center to sharpen the tools required for principled and thoughtful regulatory decision making.

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