Entrepreneurs Unplugged: Promise Phelon, Chief Executive Officer, TapInfluence

Tags: Entrepreneurship

Silicon Flatirons, ATLAS, and the Boulder Software Club present Promise Phelon as our featured entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs Unplugged is a meeting place where faculty, students, and community members learn about and get involved in entrepreneurship. In particular, the program offers students, faculty and the Front Range startup community an opportunity to learn how a successful startup is created as well as an opportunity to network. Each Entrepreneurs Unplugged meeting features food, drink and – most importantly – an experienced entrepreneur to discuss his/her start-up experiences.

Promise Phelon, Chief Executive Officer, TapInfluence

Promise wields extensive experience leading high-growth technology companies in rapidly evolving industries with a history of attracting winning talent. She excels in all areas of SaaS growth, including raising institutional capital, product innovation, and building loyal teams that drive market transformation. Prior to TapInfluence, Promise served as CRO of the Resumator, CEO of The Phelon Group, and CEO of UpMo, an enterprise talent management SaaS system used by some of the world’s largest organizations. She earned her Bachelors in Business Administration from Southern Methodist University and went on to complete her MBA at Pepperdine University.


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