Entrepreneurs Unplugged: Mike Boucher

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Everyone in law school knows the pain and tediousness of working with the Bluebook. During his first year of law school, an enterprising 1L named Mike Boucher saw this pain point and created Citrus (cit-r-us) to automate the process of legal citations. Soon thereafter he dropped out of law school, built the software solution for four years, and in Fall 2014 Mike sold the company (for a happy exit). Come join the lunch version of the popular Entrepreneurs Unplugged series. Dean Phil Weiser and Brad Bernthal will ask Mike about his story, an entrepreneurial tale that bucks the traditional path of a legal education.

Guest: Mike Boucher
Mike has founded and done successful exits from two technology companies. His first, Dakota Scientific Software, developed innovative algorithms in high-speed software that enabled supercomputers to run nuclear stockpile stewardship, car crashes, and aerodynamics simulations on machines with up to several thousand CPUs. He sold the company to Sun Microsystems, then stayed at Sun working on a variety of projects including an experimental machine with 256K processors and 4 petabytes of RAM. His second company, Dakota Legal Software, developed automated Bluebooking for lawyers and legal professionals. His exit from the second company is the first successful exit from CU Law since it set a goal of becoming the premier entrepreneurial law program in the nation.

Mike got his MS in Computer Science in 1991. He discovered that he could not get into law school without a bachelor’s degree so he got his BS in Computer Science in August of 2006 and started classes at CU Law the next day. His telling of that story will make attending this Entrepreneur’s Unplugged worthwhile all by itself, and there’s more where that came from. His awards include the Chairman’s Award at Sun Microsystems, Men’s Intermediate Grappling Champion from the Colorado Karate Association in 2005, and the Sui Generis Award from CU Law in 2008.

Mike spends time with his wife’s dogs and enjoys competitive jiu jitsu and kickboxing, biking, and spending time with family and friends.</P

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