Entrepreneurs Unplugged: Luke Beatty, Head of Strategic Partnerships, AOL

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Silicon Flatirons, ATLAS, and the Boulder Software Club present Luke Beatty as our featured entrepreneur with moderators Brad Bernthal, Brad Feld and Jill Dupre.

Luke Beatty

Speaker: Luke Beatty, Head of Strategic Partnerships, AOL
Luke is the Head of Strategic Partnerships at AOL. Prior to his position with AOL, Luke was the Managing Director of the TechStars program in Boulder. Prior to this, Luke served as Vice President and General Manager at Yahoo!, where he oversaw Local, Flickr, Groups, Answers and the Yahoo Contributor Network- an evolution of Associated Content which Luke founded in 2005. Associated Content was acquired by Yahoo! In 2010 and is known as the web’s first crowdsourced publishing platform. Before founding Associated Content, Luke was the VP of Business Development at WAND, a leading developer of search taxonomy technologies. Luke is recognized for his knowledge around entrepreneurship, digital media, crowdsourcing strategies and venture capital. He is an advisor to numerous startups, including BrightNest, SmartShoot, Brandfolder and his son’s preschool! Luke was selected as one of the Business Journal’s “40 under 40.” He is an avid fly fisherman and lacrosse player. Luke, a native Coloradoan, holds a bachelor’s degree from Connecticut College and a master’s degree from Harvard University.

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