Crash Course with Jason Haislmaier on Intellectual Property for Entrepreneurs

Tags: Content/IP / Entrepreneurship

Whether you are exploring a new product idea, developing an initial business plan, pitching investors, or preparing for a successful exit, intellectual property (IP) protection is a vital issue for every technology start-up to master.

This crash course will provide you with a basic understanding of each of the primary forms of IP protection and help you to appreciate how those protections can be put to work as tools to add value to your business. The presentation will also focus on how these traditional forms of IP protection can be applied to provide protection in new and emerging areas such as cloud computing, mobile applications, and data and information-driven business models.

What You Will Learn:

  • What are the benefits and limitations of each of the primary forms of IP protection?
  • What does the recent change to a “first to file” patent system in the U.S. mean to my IP strategy?
  • How do traditional forms of IP protection apply in new areas, such as user data, information, and content?
  • How can I begin to develop an IP strategy that fits my business – even if my business is evolving?
  • Where can I turn for additional assistance, and what steps should I take – even before contacting an attorney?
  • How can I benefit from IP protections, even on a tight budget?

Jason Haislmaier

Jason Haislmaier is a partner at Bryan Cave in the Boulder office. Mr. Haislmaier represents emerging and established companies in technology and intellectual property transactions, with an emphasis on developing strategies for protecting, managing, and commercializing technology and intellectual property assets.

Mr. Haislmaier has worked with clients to structure and negotiate hundreds of unique transactions involving the development and commercialization of technology and intellectual property assets, including licenses and technology transfers, reseller, OEM, and other distribution channel development relationships, IP and technology-based mergers, acquisitions, financings, and joint ventures, IT, business process, and manufacturing outsourcings, IP pooling agreements and dealings with industry standards bodies, and internet and electronic commerce transactions.

Mr. Haislmaier’s technical experience spans a range of industries and technologies, including computer software, hardware, data storage, networking, telecommunications, cable television, digital and online content distribution, semiconductor development and fabrication, and other high technology sectors.

Mr. Haislmaier has developed a special area of expertise involving open source software licensing and compliance. He works with clients in the U.S. and abroad to develop and implement open source software license compliance strategies. He also helps clients contend with, and respond to, open source software license enforcement inquiries. Mr. Haislmaier has also lectured in both the U.S. and Europe on topics involving open source software and other areas of intellectual property.

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