Crash Course: The New Builders

Video recording available here.

The Crash Course series examines legal and business topics that entrepreneurs confront when launching new ventures. Attendees gain a working knowledge of specific topics that pertain to navigating the startup world. Past topics have included pitching to angel investors, planning for M&A, creating boards, and managing intellectual property. Local legal professionals and business leaders teach these courses, which are open to all who are interested.

People starting new businesses today are not who you think they are. Contrary to the myth of the white, male tech founder that dominates our mindshare, most new businesses are started by people who are black, brown, female, and older.

Join us as authors Seth Levine and Elizabeth MacBride discuss their book, “The New Builders: Face to Face with the Future of Business,” and focus on the pros and cons to alternative sources of financing for companies that do not fit the typical Silicon Valley mold.

This hybrid event will accommodate remote participation LIVE via Zoom Webinar in addition to in-person attendance. The speakers will be hosted in-person, and attendees will have the option to gather at the Wolf Law building, home of Silicon Flatirons at University of Colorado Law School, to partake of the presentations and participate in networking – subject to COVID-19 restrictions. A light dinner will be available at 5:00 p.m. (MDT).

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