Crash Course: Open Source

Get the answers you need to capture the benefits and
manage the risks of open source software. Taught by Jason Haislmaier, Holme Roberts & Owen LLP

Tags: Content/IP / Technology Policy

Get the answers you need to capture the benefits and
manage the risks of open source software.

Open source has become an undeniable force in business. Open source software plays an increasingly critical role in the infrastructure of both start-ups and established companies. Open source development models generate commercial grade software, often at a fraction of the cost of proprietary alternatives. Open source licensing has spawned entirely new business models in which the principles of open source play a central role. Alongside these advances, the open source legal landscape has also continued to mature, providing improved clarity around many of the true risks of open source usage. Yet, despite these advances, misunderstandings and confusion regarding the business and legal impacts of open source continue to abound. This “crash course” will clarify critical business and legal aspects of open source for start-ups and emerging businesses, including:

  • The anatomy of open source software licensing
  • Achieving peaceful coexistence between open source and proprietary software
  • Questions to ask when developing an open source policy
  • Best practices for open source procurement, use, and compliance
  • Approaching the release of software under open source development
  • Integrating open source principles into your business model
  • Preparing for open source issues in financings, M&A, and other transactions
  • Top (free) open source legal and business resources

Speaker Bio

Jason Haislmaier assists emerging and established companies in licensing and other transactions relating to the commercialization and procurement of technology and intellectual property, with a special concentration on open source software licensing and compliance. He has helped clients throughout the world develop strategies to take advantage of the benefits and manage the risks presented by open source software. Jason has also lectured in both the US and abroad on various topics involving open source software.

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