Crash Course on Open Source Software

Tags: Content/IP / Entrepreneurship

Open source has become an essential building block for the software industry. It is a critical part of cloud computing, virtualization, web services, mobile applications, and even traditional enterprise software. Yet while open source is often critical to a company’s business model, it is often taken for granted. What does using open source mean to your business? What are the risks of using open source? What should you be doing to capture the value of open source? Join Jason Haislmaier as he answers these questions and presents strategies for leveraging the value of open source, including:

  • Identifying where and when open source is right for your business
  • Understanding and interpreting open source licenses
  • Using open source in cloud and web services business models
  • Maintaining proprietary IP in an open source world
  • Meeting the open source expectations of customers, investors, and acquirers
  • Releasing software under open source licenses
  • Contending with the risks of software patents to open source

Speaker: Jason Haislmaier, Partner, Holme Roberts & Owen LLP (Boulder, CO)

Jason assists emerging and established companies in structuring, negotiating, and closing technology and intellectual property transactions. Over the last decade he has developed a special practice advising clients on all aspects of open source software and open source licensing. He has helped clients throughout the world develop strategies to capture and leverage the benefits of open source software while mitigating and managing the risks. In addition to open source software, Jason has also lectured extensively on topics including technology licensing, intellectual property in mergers and acquisitions, data privacy and protection, outsourcing, and cloud computing.

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