Crash Course: Employment Law for Startups

Tags: Entrepreneurship

Conventional wisdom is often mistaken when it comes to startups and employment law. The first session of our Crash Course 2017-2018 series features a fast-paced discussion to dispel common employment law myths. Startups that adopt sound policies from the start can avoid costly mistakes. Led by experienced employment attorney Amy Hartman, this Crash Course is for entrepreneurs and others in the startup community who are interested in learning more about employment-related issues. An expert panel featuring Michael Tognetti, General Counsel and Vice President of SendGrid, and Kirk Holland, Managing Director of Access Venture Partners, will follow, along with audience Q&A.

What you will learn:

  • applicable employment laws relevant to startups, even when a company is at employee #1
  • independent contractor considerations
  • how to handle hires and fires
  • do’s and don’ts of paying in equity
  • how to communicate expectations in order to avoid unanticipated and costly employee turnover

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