Crash Course: Angel Term Sheet Gotchas

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Please join Silicon Flatirons, Rockies Venture Club, and HUB on Tuesday, January 22 for the Angel Term Sheet Gotchas Crash Course. This Crash Course should be valuable for early stage investors, entrepreneurs interested in raising capital, as well as students and faculty from the CU community.

The Angel Term Sheet Gotchas Crash Course explores the particularities of outside funding from investors to startups. Angel investments can provide critical capital to early stage startups and, additionally, can serve as part of a larger investment portfolio for investors. Angel investments, however, have features that make them quite dissimilar from other forms of equity and debt transactions. Identifying and understanding these differences, both as an investor and an entrepreneur, can be the key to a successful investment relationship.

Uncertainty is the operative word when considering angel investing. These investments often occur at the earliest stages of company’s lifecycle. Accordingly, there tends to be more uncertainty on both sides of an angel transaction than in most other debt or equity investments. To deal with this uncertainty, those who regularly operate in the world of angel investments have developed a variety of approaches to reduce risk (when possible) and align incentives.

To that end, we have assembled a panel of experts in angel investing from all sides of the transaction. The panel, moderated by professor and Silicon Flatirons Center Entrepreneurship Initiative Director Brad Bernthal, will discuss many Angel-investment-specific issues before opening the floor to questions. The panel will address the following:

  • Deal Flow – where Angels can find deals and Entrepreneurs can find Angels
  • Valuation
  • Syndication
  • Convertible Debt
  • Equity
  • Exit Issues and Alternatives

We hope you will join us for the Angel Term Sheet Gotchas Crash Course.


Luke Beatty
Luke is the Managing Director of the TechStars program in Boulder. Prior to this, Luke served as Vice President and General Manager at Yahoo!, where he oversaw Local, Flickr, Groups, Answers and the Yahoo Contributor Network- an evolution of Associated Content which Luke founded in 2005. Associated Content was acquired by Yahoo! in 2010 and is known as the web’s first crowdsourced publishing platform. Before founding Associated Content, Luke was the VP of Business Development at WAND, a leading developer of search taxonomy technologies. Luke is recognized for his knowledge around entrepreneurship, digital media, crowd crowdsourcing strategies and venture capital. Luke was selected as one of the Business Journal’s “40 under 40.” Luke, a native Coloradoan, holds a bachelor’s degree from Connecticut College and a master’s degree from Harvard University.

Brad Bernthal
Brad Bernthal is Director of Silicon Flatirons’ Entrepreneurship Initiative. He teaches in the area of early stage company law and finance.

John Ives
John Ives is an Angel investor focused on technology entrepreneurship. He has over 20 years of experience operating, consulting, and investing in early stage technology companies including a series of successful storage-related startups. He currently coordinates the activities of two Angel groups: Boulder Angels and Storage Ventures.

Elizabeth Kraus
Elizabeth Kraus is an Angel investor focused on social entrepreneurship. She founded before transitioning to social impact investing. She co-founded the Impact Angel Group to act on the idea that social impact investing can not only make a positive difference, but also a positive return.

Noah Pittard
Noah Pittard is an attorney at Cooley, LLP who regularly works on Angel investment deals. His practice focuses on the financing of emerging technology companies. Before becoming an attorney, Mr. Pittard was an active entrepreneur, starting and managing several businesses of his own.

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