Artificial Intelligence, the Future of Employment, and the Law

Tags: Law Innovation / Technology Policy

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Join us for our virtual conference on the future of artificial intelligence (AI) on employment and the labor force. Some argue that AI will eliminate jobs in fields as diverse as transportation, medicine, and law, and perhaps create widespread unemployment. Others downplay the impact of AI, noting its limitations, or suggest that AI will create new types of jobs that are today difficult to imagine and will bring many benefits to society.

Related debates query whether AI is a uniquely transformative technology. Will AI’s ability to impact knowledge-workers make it distinct, or will AI follow patterns similar to past technologies that were absorbed by the economy, including electricity, industrial and agricultural mechanization, computers, telecommunications, and the internet? Is AI likely to exacerbate or reduce societal inequality?

This virtual conference aims to make a rigorous, evidence-based examination on the likely impact of AI on jobs broadly, and on the legal profession specifically. Join our informed panelists from economics, law, computer science, and industry as we explore these questions.


04/24/20 9:00am - 9:05am
Welcome and Introduction
  • Harry Surden
    Associate Professor, University of Colorado Law School; Artificial Intelligence Initiative Director, Silicon Flatirons
04/24/20 9:05am - 10:20am
Capabilities of Artificial Intelligence: Replacing Tasks that Humans do Today and What are the Limitations?
  • Harry Surden — Moderator
    Associate Professor, University of Colorado Law School; Artificial Intelligence Initiative Director, Silicon Flatirons
  • Nisar Ahmed — Panelist
    Assistant Professor, College of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Melanie Mitchell — Panelist
    Davis Professor, Santa Fe Institute; Professor of Computer Science, Portland State University
  • Claire Monteleoni — Panelist
    Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Dr. Roland Vogl — Panelist
    Executive Director, CodeX: The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics
04/24/20 10:20am - 10:35am

04/24/20 10:35am - 11:50am
The Impact of AI on Labor Supply and Jobs: What are the Approaches to Mitigating the Impact?
  • Brad Bernthal — Moderator
    Associate Professor, University of Colorado Law School; Entrepreneurship Initiative Director, Silicon Flatirons
  • Jason Albert — Panelist
    Managing Director, Public Policy, Workday
  • James Bessen — Panelist
    Lecturer in Law; Executive Director, Technology & Policy Research Initiative, Boston University School of Law
  • Elizabeth Carla Forsythe — Panelist
    Assistant Professor, School of Labor and Employment Relations, University of Illinois
  • Becca Montgomery — Panelist
    Senior Policy Advisor, U.S. Senator Michael Bennet

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