AI Ethics Series: Ethical Horizons in Advanced AI Development

Presented by the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Collegiate Program at Colorado Law and Silicon Flatirons.

The AI Ethics lecture series returns in 2024 with new topics and featured speakers. This is one of two sessions scheduled for spring 2024. Each session requires separate registration. Speakers and additional information to be announced soon. All sessions will convene at Colorado Law, with a livestream registration option for those who are unable to attend in-person.

In the upcoming presentation, “Ethical Horizons in Advanced AI Development,” Professor Anthony Aguirre examines the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence over the past decade. Highlighting the shift from narrow AI applications to the emergence of general-purpose AI systems that demonstrate human-level competencies across a broad spectrum of tasks, the talk sets the stage for exploring the next frontier in AI development: superhuman AI. As we stand on the cusp of creating AI that surpasses human expertise in nearly all significant cognitive domains, the presentation delves into the profound ethical considerations this leap entails. Central to the discussion are two pivotal questions: the advisability of pursuing superhuman general-purpose AI and the mechanisms to ensure that the development and deployment of such AI serve the broader public interest, transcending the narrow objectives of large tech conglomerates.

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03/19/24 5:00pm - 5:45pm
Networking Reception

@ Wolf Law Bldg, Boettcher Hall

Light dinner and refreshments provided.
03/19/24 5:45pm - 5:50pm
Welcome and Introduction

@ Wittemyer Courtroom

  • Harry Surden
    Professor of Law, University of Colorado Law School
03/19/24 5:50pm - 6:40pm

@ Wittemyer Courtroom

03/19/24 6:40pm - 7:00pm
Audience Q&A

@ Wittemyer Courtroom

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