Encryption Compendium

The encryption literature database.



The Encryption Compendium, available at encryptioncompendium.org, is a comprehensive collection of research and materials related to encryption policy. It serves as a central hub for policy makers, practitioners, and the public to understand the issues and equities related to ongoing debates around the ability to develop and use encryption.


About the Project

The Encryption Compendium was launched in 2020. The initial project was a partnership between Silicon Flatirons and the Technology, Cybersecurity, and Policy Program (TCP) at the CU Boulder College of Engineering and Applied Science and was made possible through an unrestricted gift from Facebook. The project has since been fully adopted by Silicon Flatirons and has received additional funding and support.

The goal of the project is to compile a comprehensive repository of foundational material related to the debates around encryption policy. Although initially focused on resources originating in the United States, the scope will expand to encompass international conversations as well. The materials are meant to reflect a wide range of perspectives on the issue; the database is not intended to adopt any position or stance, though individual materials may do so.

The Encryption Compendium will be continually updated and improved. If you would like to support its ongoing development, please contact us.


Special Thanks

Silicon Flatirons would like to thank the following people for their time researching, building, or assisting with the Encryption Compendium:

  • Shannon Brunston, Brylan Droddy, Sharon Bradford Franklin, Robyn Greene, Slate Herman, Bryan Hindin, Dr. Dan Massey, Riana Pfefferkorn, Jordan Regenie, Will Shand, Pranav Gummaraj Srinivas, and Stacey Weber.

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