Spectrum Efforts Bear Fruit in Informing Public Policy

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Radio use continues to intensify, and spectrum policy continues to evolve. This presents an opportunity to bring together bright minds to discuss what’s next in spectrum and to inform public policy – what Silicon Flatirons is all about.

In the last six months, we have hosted several spectrum discussions: an international academic workshop to map the changing landscape in the regulation of radio operation, a conference on 3D wireless (the intersection of spectrum, drones, and space), and a conference on improving resilience in cybersecurity and spectrum.

These conversations have been captured in these new Flatirons Reports:

Our work in previous years continues to bear fruit. The FCC has just issued a public notice seeking comment on recommendations by its Technological Advisory Council, on which we both serve. The notice highlights three areas where Silicon Flatirons has taken a lead: harm claim thresholds, risk-informed interference assessment, and a next-generation architecture for radio interference resolution. We tackled these topics in conferences in 2009 on defining inter-channel operating rules, 2013 and 2016 on spectrum enforcement, and 2015 on risk assessment in spectrum policy.

Should you have comments or ideas for our Spectrum Initiative here at Silicon Flatirons, please contact us at Dale.Hatfield@colorado.edu and Pierre.deVries@colorado.edu.

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Pierre de Vries                   Dale Hatfield
Spectrum Initiative Co-directors and Executive Fellows

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