Silicon Flatirons Announces New Fellows, Distinguished Advisors

Silicon Flatirons is proud to announce the addition of two new senior fellows: David Redl and Keith Gremban. Both Redl and Gremban are prominent experts in the telecommunications sector and bring their expertise to their work with Silicon Flatirons, where they will be affiliated with the Spectrum Policy Initiative.

Former Executive Fellows Dale Hatfield and Pierre de Vries, along with Colorado Attorney General and Silicon Flatirons founder Phil Weiser, will continue to work with Silicon Flatirons in their new roles as Distinguished Advisors. Both Professors Hatfield and de Vries will also continue to serve as Directors of Silicon Flatirons’ Spectrum Policy Initiative. Silicon Flatirons will host its annual Spectrum Policy Conference in October 2020 on Evidence-Based Spectrum Policy.

Silicon Flatirons is also excited to have Professor David Reed join as a Senior Fellow affiliated with the Spectrum Policy Initiative and Professor Casey Fiesler as a Fellow to be affiliated with the Telecommunications and Platforms Initiative. Professors Reed and Fiesler were both previously recognized as Silicon Flatirons Affiliated Faculty.

More information:

David Redl is an attorney and former government executive with experience in both the legislative and executive branches of the U.S. government in the telecommunications, media, and technology fields. Mr. Redl served as Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information and the Administrator of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. During his tenure, Mr. Redl led U.S. efforts to ensure American leadership in 5G, to bring broadband to more rural Americans, and to promote a free, open, and secure Internet around the world. Prior to his government service, Mr. Redl started his career as Director of Regulatory Affairs at CTIA, an international trade association of the wireless communications industry.

Keith Gremban is a Research Professor in the Technology, Cybersecurity, and Policy (TCP) Program at the University of Colorado Boulder. Keith has been involved in systems engineering and advanced technology development for over thirty years. Prior to joining the University of Colorado, Keith was the Director of the Institute for Telecommunication Sciences (ITS), the research and engineering laboratory for the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). Keith was also a Program Manager at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) where he managed a portfolio of programs in the areas of wireless communications and electronic warfare. Prior to DARPA, Keith worked at a variety of companies and research organizations, managing and leading research and systems engineering projects, including a diverse collection of unmanned systems and command-and-control applications.

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