New Report: Spectrum Enforcement

Dear Silicon Flatirons Friends and Supporters,

Today, we’ve released a Flatirons Report on Silicon Flatirons’ fall spectrum conference. The report, which shares the conference’s name, “Spectrum: Next Generation Interference Resolution and Enforcement,” details the findings from the conference and places it into context. The focus is on the enforcement of spectrum rights, which is set to become an increasingly important issue due to the rapid proliferation of wireless devices.

As the report states, a recurring theme of the conference was that spectrum enforcement tools and techniques need to evolve as radio use and attendant interference issues continue to increase. Speakers offered a number of suggestions on how to best do this.  If you want to explore more on this topic of enforcement, I encourage you to visit the video from the spectrum conference, broken out by panel, which includes a two minute “highlight reel” for a quick review.

In underscoring the importance of spectrum enforcement, the report released today highlights an issue also raised in a Flatirons Report released last month.  That report discussed the implications of the Internet of Things in mission critical applications, explaining that enforcement issues are relevant to the internet of Things (IoT) insofar as spoofing and jamming wireless IoT products and devices are on the rise and need to be addressed.

Other efforts with regards to our Spectrum Policy Initiative include work being done by our co-directors, Dale Hatfield and Pierre de Vries, who also serve as members of the FCC’s Technological Advisory Council. The TAC’s spectrum and receivers working group published a report earlier this year, A Study to Develop the Next Generation Systems Architecture for Radio Spectrum Interference Resolution, with Dale as the principal author.

We are already working on the next conference on spectrum policy, slated for September 2017, and tentatively titled “The Future of Unlicensed.”

As you have thoughts, suggestions, or questions around Silicon Flatirons’ work in the spectrum area, please feel free to reach out to Dale, Pierre, or myself.


Executive Director
Silicon Flatirons

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