Harm Claim Thresholds: FCC TAC presentation by JP de Vries

On April 26, 2022, Silicon Flatirons Director Emeritus and Distinguished Advisor, JP (Pierre) de Vries made a presentation entitled “Harm Claim Thresholds: Incorporating receiver performance in spectrum management without using receiver standards” to the Spectrum Sharing Working Group of the FCC Technological Advisory Council (TAC).

De Vries developed harm claim thresholds in the early 2010’s through Silicon Flatirons events and collaboration with Flatirons fellows and student members like Dale Hatfield and Kaleb Sieh.

The approach was described by the FCC TAC in white papers in 2013-14 and was cited extensively in the FCC’s April 2022 Notice of Inquiry “Promoting Efficient Use of Spectrum through Improved Receiver Interference Immunity Performance.”

Below is a recording of the video call at which the presentation was made, as well as a downloadable slides as presented during the meeting.


22-04-26 TAC HCT – PRESENTED slides

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