Entrepreneurship at Silicon Flatirons

Dear Friends & Supporters,

Over the last decade, Silicon Flatirons has continued to scale up our engagement with and promotion of entrepreneurship on the campus and in the community. On the campus, the New Venture Challenge (see below) remains a focal point and a terrific collaborative effort. In the community, we host Startup Colorado and the Blackstone Entrepreneurship Network. Next year, in an effort to further connect the campus and community, we will be bringing a group of Global Entrepreneurs in Residence to campus. And we will be centrally involved in efforts to scale up the level of activity around campus.

All of the above efforts reflect a team of leaders here with a powerful vision to engage students and community members in the ongoing project of building a world-leading entrepreneurial community. And no one is more impactful in that effort than our own Brad Bernthal, who directs Silicon Flatirons’ Entrepreneurship Initiative and is just coming back from a spring semester in Chile, where he has observed firsthand how much respect there is around the world for what is happening in Colorado. We are privileged to be a part of it all.


Phil Weiser
Executive Director

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