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  1. Sports Programming and the Referees

    Sports fans across the country are finding themselves in the middle of an increasingly pitched struggle between the providers of sports programming and video distribution platforms. To evaluate the appropriate policies to address sports programming disputes, this seminar will bring together a group of industry leaders to examine trends in the marketplace and address these questions.

  2. Reflections on Satellite Communications

    This conference will address the changing face of satellite communications, evaluating its overall impact, and placing it into context. To do so, it will bring together a range of leading policymakers, policy practitioners, and industry leaders, evaluating the international and domestic trends in satellite communications, with particular attention to its role in broadband communications.

  3. Cyber Risks in an IoT World

    Silicon Flatirons presents this conference in partnership with the Federal Communications Bar Association Rocky Mountain Chapter. From DDoS attacks…

  4. Explainable Artificial Intelligence: Can We Hold Machines Accountable?

    View Event Recording. With artificial intelligence (AI) becoming more ubiquitous, an increasing number of significant decisions are being made by…

  5. Crash Course on UX: How Experience Design Can Make Any Product Better

    Imagine the following: knowing what your customers want before you begin developing your product; or better yet, imagine if people talked about your…

  6. Crash Course: Automating Contracts

    In a modern world rife with agreements and contractual obligations in nearly all corners of society and across international borders, computable…

  7. Intellectual Property Policy and the Presidential Election: A Discussion on its Future by Leading Policy Advisors to the Candidates

    Join the IP Section of the Colorado Bar Association and Silicon Flatirons on the last day of the Democratic National Convention as we bring together representatives from both the McCain and Obama presidential campaigns to speak about the respective campaigns’ positions on IP and technology policy issues.

  8. Crash Course: The Crucible of Leadership with Jerry Colonna, Executive Coach and Former Venture Capitalist

    Please join Silicon Flatirons on Monday, May 6th at 6:00 PM as Jerry Colonna, executive coach and former venture capitalist, will present a Crash…

  9. Opportunities for Healthcare IT, Quality, and Consumer Empowerment

    To explore the relevant opportunities and associated challenges related to using information technology to promote greater quality in health care, the Silicon Flatirons Center will bring together leading Colorado entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals, public officials, and academics to advance the discussion around technological progress in the healthcare industry.

  10. Crash Course: Bootstrapping

    Click Here to view the video. This Crash Course diagrams bootstrapping strategies for startups. Several area companies in the Front Range, ranging…

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