Stefanie Tompkins

Colorado School of Mines — Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer

Dr. Stefanie Tompkins is the Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer at the Colorado School of Mines. She has spent much of her professional life leading scientists and engineers in developing new technology capabilities. She spent ten years in industry, as a senior scientist and later assistant vice-president and line manager at Science Applications International Corporation, where she conducted and managed research projects in planetary geology and imaging spectroscopy. Later, as a DARPA program manager, she created and led programs in ubiquitous GPS-free navigation as well as in optical component manufacturing.  She has also served as a DARPA Office Director and the Acting Deputy Director of the agency. Dr. Tompkins received a Bachelor of Arts degree in geology and geophysics from Princeton University and Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in geology from Brown University. She has also served as a military intelligence office in the U.S. Army.

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